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About us

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We founded our 100% Hungarian-owned company with the aim to provide reliable and high-quality service to our clients all over the world, simplifying your measures to be taken and solving your problems that emerge in connection with transportation and making them less difficult. The achievement of this aim is guaranteed by our staff members' professional knowledge, the several years of experiences acquired in transportation and the dynamism and helpfulness of our young team.
Our international relations, wide scope of services and our force composed of qualified subcontractors warrant the service that meets the highest quality expectations.

In order to satisfy our clients, we are at our clients' disposal with a complex package of services, in consideration of their interests and expectations, thus, by offering them customised services; you should only select from the alternatives offered!
In order to help you with your work we offer a form of assignment to be filled in and we will take the load of further measures off your shoulders, should it be about transportation by air, road or sea. If requested, we undertake to organise "charter" flows and we have acquired a lot of experiences also with the transportation of special goods.

Thank you for visiting our homepage, we hope we can contribute to the business success of each other soon!