Air transportation

Air Transportation

Combined transportation

The Sea & Air transportation – regarding goods arriving from the Far East – means a combined way of transportation, that is to say we combine cost-efficient, however, slower sea transportation with fast air transportation.
We are able to offer an intermediate way of transportation to our clients where transit time decreases to a great extent compared to sea transportation and the cost is also considerably more favourable than the freight of air transportation.

Charter organisation

If your delivery cannot wait for scheduled lines for some aspect or if you want to send something to a place that can be accessed with difficulties, or if the goods are oversized or overweight, need special handling and delivery, you should ask our customised offer on transport planes of various types.

Charter organisation with small airplanes

We undertake to deliver your extra urgent packages by small airplanes of various types within Europe.

Passenger transportation

If you have to arrive urgently somewhere and there is no scheduled line, or if you do not want to travel by car for hours and arrive tired, our air taxi service means a solution for your problem.

Hand Carry

(goods transportation by a person on board)
We deliver your especially urgent or valuable deliveries personally, on the fastest possible itinerary.